Making everyday life simpler, easier, and more enjoyable for busy families

We should look forward to Monday morning when a new week starts. Work and school bring new challenges and opportunities, and afterwards, our leisure activities, friends, and family await.

But all too often, the hustle and bustle of everyday life gets in the way. There are many appointments, and it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important with all the emails and texts flying back and forth. The paper calendar and sticky notes on the fridge just don’t cut it with modern family life.

That’s why Familio is building the world’s first shared inbox for families that brings communication and organization into one place — designed for teamwork — helping families stay connected and in sync.

Familio also brings together vital services — from groceries and transportation to insurance and telecom. Because when our basic needs are met, we can better focus on being with each other.

We raised €100,000 from IMPACT Growth


We bring family communication and organization into
one place