Family teamwork and organization, reimagined for the messaging era

Familio connects your family through a shared inbox — a single place for messages and conversations, events and activities, to-dos and shopping lists, contacts, files, photos, and more.
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Conversations happen in the inbox

The shared inbox is where your family communicates with each other and with the outside world. Conversations are neatly organized, easily accessible, and instantly searchable.

  • Bring chats, emails, texts, and calls together
  • Connect your existing tools and services with Familio
  • See read/unread status per family member
  • Swipe to archive conversations you're done with

Pins help you stay organized

Pin important messages, files, and reminders to the top of your inbox for quick access — from the kids’ school schedule to the family grocery list.

  • Swipe to pin any item in the inbox
  • Assign family members to share the work
  • Use the camera to upload letters and papers
  • Write virtual sticky notes for each other

Inbox, meet calendar

The shared family calendar helps you keep track of everyone’s schedules, appointments, and activities in one place that is accessible to anyone in your family anytime, anywhere.

  • View events by day, week, or month
  • See the whole family at once or filter by individual
  • Set reminders to ensure you never miss a beat
  • Create your own events and keep track of RSVPs

Your family’s shared email address and phone number

Your family inbox comes with its own email address and phone number so you can bring all family related emails and texts straight into Familio. No more forwarding messages — your partner is always in the loop.

A shared family email

Get a shared email address (like parker@familio.io) with your family inbox, and use it for everything related to the family and household — from your kids’ daycare and school to calendar invites and ordering groceries online.

A shared family number

Get a shared phone number for SMS and calls with Familio Plus, and give it to other parents to bring texts about playdates and carpools into your family inbox. Give it to the nursery, the plumber, and the delivery company too.